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When you start thinking about getting a website, it’s natural to wonder about the cost. It’s a great question, but the answer isn’t so simple. The price of building a website can change a lot depending on several things. Here are a few factors that can shape how much your website might cost:

  • How big and complex your website is
  • How much content you want to put on it, like text, pictures, and videos
  • How many pages you’re planning to have
  • If you want to include audio or video features
  • Whether you need your site to sell products (e-commerce)
  • If you’re looking for ongoing help with maintaining and updating your site

In general, simple website designs with minimal content can cost as little as £100 if you’re looking for a 1-page website. More complex websites with more content and additional pages start from £50 depending on the exact requirements.

Once Your Site Is Live, Choose What You Need Going Forward

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Get brilliant fast and secure hosting through our dedicated hosting service keeping your site live to the world.


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Upto 5 Professional email addresses at your domain to enhance your brand’s credibility.



Convert your site into a fully functional online store with WooCommerce, includes basic support.

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Boost your site’s visibility with optimized web pages, blog posts, and ongoing SEO strategy updates.